Madagascar is also home to many incredibly coral rich and species diverse marine areas, most notably around the island of Nosy Be, where one can find a variety of hard and soft corals, sponges, invertebrates, large schooling pelagic fish, a vast array of brightly coloured reef fish, including wrasse, parrot fish, trigger fish, damsels, butterfly fish… the list goes on and on. These reef fish in turn attract other rarer and larger creatures to these majestic waters.

Nosy Be is a haven for marine life and recreational SCUBA divers alike. The marine environment is of overwhelming importance to the local communities, providing the majority of food supplies and employment.

Nosy Be also enjoys seasonal visits from a large number of whale sharks, the largest fish in the world reaching up to 14 metres in size, as well as migratory visits from many cetaceans (34 species found in Madagascan waters) such as the humpback whale. The local dolphin population can be sighted on occasion all year round.

Areas such as the Tanikely marine reserve have been created to protect the sea life, and evidence shows that it works. With implemented sustainable fishing practices and a strengthened ecosystem through protective laws, there can be a healthy balance between marine life and community needs.

Nosy Komba and Lokobe forest reserve is home to three species of lemur, the black, Hawk’s sportive, and mouse lemur. From the forests around the Turtle Cove base and visits to the forest reserve, it’s easy to observe their social and behavioural characteristics, whilst enjoying the notion of being up close to such an iconic and rare animal in its natural habitat.

One of the five turtle species found around Madagascar is the Hawksbill turtle. Hawksbill turtles are frequently found around the island of Nosy Komba where our research centre is located. Hawksbill turtles are of great importance to the marine environment as they control the populations of smaller organisms. They are listed as critically endangered on the IUCN red list.

Diego Suarez or Antsiranana is a town in Madagascar named after the Spanish spelling of Diogo Soares.
Antsiranana, situated in the extreme north of Madagascar, known as Diego Suarez until 1975 and still called Diego by many, is the capital of Madagascar’s northernmost province. It has one of the world’s most beautiful deep-water harbours, complete with a photogenic sugarloaf mountain. Visitors usually love this city, which is probably the most French city on Madagascar. It has this colonial feel over it. This is the largest city of the north with a huge cosy market, a range of fine restaurants and some fantastic places and national parks to visit nearby. Diego is the perfect place to hang around and prepare for visiting the neighbourhood.

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Day 1: Johannesburg –Nosy Be
We meet you.Transfer and accommodation at Vanila Hotel / Arc en Ciel / Sarimanok Hotel on a half board basis

Day 2: Nosy be
Visit Island of lemurs “ Nosy Komba” ,then snorkeling on another island “Nosy tanikely” with gear and picnic lunch. Return back to Nosy be. Accommodation on a half board basis.

Day 3: Nosy be
Visit of Lokobe reserve the whole day with picnic lunch.In the end of the afternoon, return back to Accommodation on a half board basis.

Day 4: Nosy be – Ankarana
After breakfast ,transfer by motor boat to Ankify. Then by car to Ankarana. Visit of Ankarana. Accommodation at Ankarana Lodge on a half board basis.

Day5: Ankarana –Diego
In the morning ,visit of rest of Ankarana: baobabs, Tsingy ,lemurs etc.Then ,drive to Diego Suarez. Accommodation at Meva Hotel / Lakana Hotel on a half board basis

Day 6: Diego
Relax on the beach. Accommodation on a half board basis.

Day 7: Diego –Nosy be
Transfer to Ankify, then by motor boat to Nosy be. You will be met by our representative.Accommodation on a half board basis.

Day 8: Nosy Be - Johannesburg
Transfer to the airport.Check in for the flight to Johannesburg.

Please enquire for pricing – We negotiate the best prices so you don’t have to! Let us know your dates, how many adults / how many kids etc and we will get back to you with the best options.


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